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How to Build an Outstanding Collection of Art Prints

Art prints are a great way to start a collection of outstanding art. They add beauty to any home, office, retail or institutional setting. But how do you begin? Here are five tips to consider:

1. Give yourself permission. There are many reasons why artists make art but only a few as to why people buy art. One of them is to celebrate success. Maybe you've just landed an important promotion. Or you're celebrating an anniversary. Or bought a new house. Or just commemorating something or someone special. Whatever the reason, give yourself permission to celebrate your success with the purchase of art. Each time you reach a milestone, add a new, colorful art print to your collection. And then hang your new prints in locations where you can see them every day, reminding yourself of what you've achieved. After awhile, you'll have a collection of art you'll be proud of and one your friends will envy.

2. Find an art print that is meaningful to you. Does the image touch you in some important way or convey an idea or sensitivity that is relevant to you? For instance, the artist, Mark Travers, created his Wrapture series of colorful art prints as a metaphor for gratitude. Think about it: One person gives a gift to another person as thanks for love, friendship, respect and / or appreciation. Travers took that idea and elevated the gift-wrapped package to art form. What is meaningful to you? Look for it in the art prints you purchase.

3. Purchase with quality in mind. Not all art prints are produced at the same level of quality. Lower-priced prints are often mass produced, printed on paper that will yellow or disintegrate, and often use inks that will fade. Higher quality art prints are printed on heavier museum-grade archival papers and use inks that are deeper, richer and provide more protection from fading by UV light. And some dealers of art prints are obsessive about making sure each print is produced with impeccable execution to give their new owners a lifetime of viewing pleasure.

4.  Work with your budget. Prints are generally more affordable than paintings, sculptures or other works of art. You can often get a very high quality art print at an affordable price. If you need to, buy a smaller print first, then work your way up in size. If you can't afford to frame it right away, that's okay. Just keep your art print flat and safe for later when you have the funds to frame it.

5.  Ask questions. If you find an art print you like, feel free to ask the dealer questions about the artist, the quality of the print and the dealer's return policies. A reputable dealer will be happy to answer your questions without obligation from you to purchase.

Art prints will provide you with beauty, visual and mental stimulation, and personal enjoyment for years to come. Why not start to build your collection today?

Ann Travers is Associate Director of Beautiful Art Prints, an online store for stunning contemporary art prints by leading artists. Celebrate your success and the special people in your life with the purchase of beautiful art. A portion of every purchase goes to the UN World Food Program. Every sale benefits someone in need.


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