Do prints from Beautiful Art Prints cost more than those from other vendors?

You'll spend about as much for one of our prints as you will for a nice dinner at a fashionable restaurant, but you'll keep your Beautiful Art Print for more than just an evening. You'll likely keep it for a lifetime. Our prints cost a bit more than those sold by some other vendors. Here's why:

1.  Our Artists. We work with a limited portfolio of artists whose work is both exceptional in quality and not widely distributed through mass-market platforms. Several of our prints are special limited-and-numbered editions of 500 or fewer prints and are hand-signed by the artists. Once the edition is sold out, that's it. And the other prints in our catalog are low-production editions. This means that while some may not be 'numbered' per se, there will be only a few thousand, at most, in circulation worldwide. No matter what you purchase, when you order a print from Beautiful Art Prints, you're investing in a remarkable and uncommonly good work of art from an excellent artist.

2.  Our Printing Process. Not all art prints from all vendors are produced at the same level of quality. Lower-priced prints from other vendors are often mass produced, printed on paper that may yellow or disintegrate over time, and often use inks that may fade. At Beautiful Art Prints, we use thick, premium, bright white museum-grade papers with a lustrous feel. And our inks are bold and colorful. Both papers and inks are made for long-term durability and UV light protection. At Beautiful Art Prints, we spend more on paper and printing than others because your long-term satisfaction is worth more to us. 

3.  Our Packaging and Shipping. Your print from Beautiful Art Prints will come flat in a clean and rigid Coroplast ® clear plastic folder. We never roll our prints. We'll seal the edges with tape. This will provide our first line of strength to keep your print in pristine form and ready for framing. Then we'll cover that folder in heavy, doubleweight corrugated cardboard to minimize any possibility that your print will bend, ding or fold during shipping. Lastly, we'll use packing tape to keep out dirt and other debris and then engage one of the national shipping carriers to deliver your print. We take extra steps and incur extra costs to ensure your print arrives in perfect condition.

We work hard to deliver the finest quality of art to our customers. And we want you to be thrilled with the art print you purchase. Upon delivery, we think you'll be proud to hang your Beautiful Art Print in your home or office. It will give you immeasurable viewing pleasure. And unlike that dinner at the fashionable restaurant, your Beautiful Art Print will nourish your soul for a long, long time.

Can I pay with a regular credit card?

Yes. Even though the Shopping Cart page shows links to Shop Pay, G Pay, PayPal and Amazon Pay to help customers with those accounts speed the payment process, anyone can use a standard credit card by filling in the credit card fields on the pages that follow. Just continue with the checkout process and you'll be able to use your credit card.