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A New Land, Plat 4

A New Land, Plat 4

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"A New Land, Plat 4" is an original painting by artist, Mark Travers. The colors are stunning and the painting was created with meticulous execution.

The artist explains his inspiration in this way: "

"I spent a good part of my work career flying across the country, often leaving early in the morning as the sun was coming up. I enjoyed looking out the airplane’s windows on the landscape below, seeing the rivers, streams and neatly furrowed rows of crops from 20,000 feet. These images always gave me hope. 

In this series, I present America at a new, hopeful, optimistic beginning in a post-pandemic world. I also present a new type of landscape painting, unbound from the traditional two-point perspective and horizon line. 

I begin with a broad idea of the painting I want to create but then work intuitively and organically on color selection, shape, line and other factors. The finished product often turns out quite different from the original concept, which I find appropriate for the changing shape, color and complexity of America.

In the real estate industry, a ‘plat’ is a proposed area of land. I’ve adopted this term to create a simple numbering system for this series, hence A New Land: Plat 1, A New Land: Plat 2, and so on.

"A New Land, Plat 4" is part of the "New Land" series. It hangs horizontally.

The painting measures 84" wide x 46" tall x 2" deep. It is acrylic on a wood panel. The painting will be wrapped in plastic sheeting, then covered in bubble wrap and, ultimately, placed inside a wooden crate. It will ship to the purchaser's location via UPS or another common carrier. Shipping cost is not included in the price.

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